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Terms & Conditions

Terms Of Sale

These terms of sale are valid for all orders placed with MME Social, a subsidiary of The MME Agency.

Changing Our Terms Of Sale


Any changes we may make to our Terms of Sale in the future will be posted on this page. These Terms of Sale were last updated on September 18th 2023.

By purchasing a ticket, and using our services, You confirm that:

  • You are over 18 and single.

  • You provide correct, accurate and true information that is not misleading.

  • You are serious about establishing meaningful connections whether for romantic or professional reasons.

  • You understand that majority of our events will have pictures or video taken by guests or a professional photographer.

  • You understand that we only have control over the images we publicise and this may in some cases be out of our control.

  • You understand that Photography & Videography may be used at some of our events and by agreeing to these terms & conditions you are giving MME Social permission to use these photos and videos on our website and across social media or in marketing materials.

  • You will comply with our Privacy Policy

  • You understand that we aim to have an even number of guests such as male to female ratio at MME Social and ensure ticket sales and guest-list reflects a good balance but have no control over who attends on the day.

  • Attendees are expected to arrive punctually. If attendees are late, we are not obligated to permit their participation or provide a refund.

  • Members are entitled to their membership perks.

  • You understand that membership refunds will only be granted within 48hrs of purchase. No refunds will be granted after this period.

  • You understand that by purchasing a ticket you agree to our terms and conditions.

  • We tend to have a no refund policy but in unique circumstances where a ticket is purchased and a refund is requested within 24hrs, we may consider a refund.

  • We do not accept responsibility for any emotional distress or physical harm that may result from interacting with guests.

  • We do our due diligence to ensure that information on our website is accurate and meets your expectation; however we cannot promise that this will always be the case.

  • We do not guarantee everyone will find a match but in unique circumstances we may offer a discounted or complimentary ticket to our next event if we do not meet your expectations.

  • Tickets procured on offers or subsidies are only entitled to the standard complimentary refreshments on the day, where necessary.

  • Tickets purchased less than 24hrs before the event is not entitled to a refund.

  • We do not give out your personal information outside of our events without first taking permission.

  • If due to unforeseen circumstances, a venue we advertise changes, we aim to provide our guests with an update of an alternative.

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